Helping you create change, one conversation at a time

Helping you create change, one conversation at a time

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What does it take to create the life or career you want?

Creating change isn’t about competence or smarts. If you’re like my clients, you have that in spades. It’s not about willpower. Or developing action plans.  Chances are you’ve tried those too.

 Change requires that you know yourself and know what you want.

At the deepest level.

Then we figure out how to get it.

I offer a blend of coaching, exploration and strategy that helps you figure out what you really want and where your blindspots are. We look at your values, your desires, but also the thoughts, behaviors and patterns that prevent you moving forward. Because mindset PLUS strategy wins. Every time.

I help you become your own best advocate.

How do you know if coaching is right for you?

  • You’re navigating transitions in your life (career, identity, relationships, finances, or relocation);

  • You’re struggling to turn your ideas/wants into action;

  • You’re looking for a thought partner or accountability partner;

  • You’re looking for more but don’t know how to get it;

  • You need help figuring out the next steps, or staying on track;

  • You’re feeling burnt out, overwhelmed or stuck;

  • You want less of those things in life that you’re  ‘tolerating’ and more of the things that truly spark joy (thanks Marie Kondo!)