On the other side of fear lies freedom

On the other side of fear lies freedom


Do you want to make a change in your life, but don't know how?


Perhaps you’re feeling stuck? 


Maybe you're looking for more ease. More joy. More clarity or freedom.

Maybe you don't know exactly what that 'more' is but would like to figure it out.

Let me help you.  

martha beck life coach

As a professional Martha Beck-trained coach, I help my clients get clear on what they really want and what’s holding them back. 

I support them in making positive change so that they can build a life that more truly reflects who they are: whether it’s in their career, their relationships, their finances or just life in general. 



How do you know if coaching is right for you? 

●You may be at a cross-roads in life, and not sure which way to go; 

●You’re navigating a transition in your life/identity (relationships, career, finances, relocation, empty nest); 

●You realize you’ve been living on ‘autopilot’ and the life you have doesn’t work for you anymore (and maybe it never did); 

●You want to move towards a goal or make a change but can’t get traction; 

●You know you need to make a shift, but feel scared/ blocked / overwhelmed; 

●You did all the ‘right things’ and ticked all the right boxes in this thing called life, yet somehow you’re left feeling unsatisfied. 


I help my clients connect the dots, figure out what they really want (hint: it’s not what ‘society’ tells you that you should be or should have),  and break down change into manageable steps. 

I provide positive support and encouragement – and yes, when needed, accountability too.  

Are you ready to get back into the driver's seat?


“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” 

– Alice Walker

inner GPS
  • I believe we all have an inner GPS that directs us towards our ‘right life’. We just need to tune in and listen.   
  • I believe that if we get really clear on what it is we want, we can make it happen (and no, it doesn’t require pushing or striving).  
  • I believe that we always have a choice. Always.  
  • I believe that our deepest valleys can also be our highest peaks and bring with them our greatest opportunities for growth and expansion.  Perspective is everything. Change that and everything changes. 
  • I believe we’re stronger, more resilient and braver than we give ourselves credit for. 
  • I believe that we’re too close to ourselves to truly see our own strengths, our best qualities, our power. Sometimes we need them reflected back to us.  So that we can know them. So that we can own them.  
  • I believe in being authentic; dancing like no-one’s watching, and always having a second serving of rhubarb and crumble. 
My coaching experience with Nav was great. She’s analytical, thoughtful, positive and non-judgmental. Nav helped me with positively reframing negativity and anxiety, and helped me to see things from a different perspective and gain insight into my working identity.
— S.R, Teacher, US
Nav is patient, focused, and encouraging. She helped me to figure out what career path I want to take. She took the time to dig into what I really want out of a career, to help me stop and think about why I like and dislike certain aspects of my current job and how I can use that to my advantage. Then, we discussed strategies to start getting my foot in the door in the field of interest. My experience was great!
— B.O., Engineer, US
Nav is an amazing coach and I would recommend her services to everyone, every time!! She helped me with many issues, but the biggest challenge was around money. After some powerful sessions with Nav, I was better able to understand how my beliefs around money were holding me back and affecting my behavior. Once I could see the problem, Nav gently coached me around it. She was compassionate, cheered me on what I loved most was being able to celebrate the end results with her.
— F.G, Life Coach, South Africa
I got waaaay more than anticipated out of the career coaching experience with Nav. She understood my areas of resistance, and REALLY listened and asked questions so that she could help me put my finger on why I was uncomfortable and help me find the right solution. She had the right mix of paying attention to me as a person (my thoughts, needs, feelings, fears, worries, etc.) and attending to the goal we had wanted to achieve. She’s smart, comforting and genuine. Nav helped me sort through my ideas, identify and use my core career themes, and find a starting point that felt manageable.
— E. H., Education Specialist, US
Nav helped me with uncovering deep-rooted fears of never being enough, the belief of often taking the wrong action and not being able to trust my intuition. I loved how Nav cut right through my cluttered thoughts and got me to a place of clarity, from which I was able to answer her profound questions that connected me more and more with my core. Nav is a wonderful coach that I can recommend wholeheartedly. Working with her has been fun, enlightening and profound in many ways.
— A.R., Life Coach, Germany

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